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Luxury and Economic car rental questions

How long in advance should I make a car rental Miami reservation?
We recommend that you reserve and place a deposit on your desired vehicle as soon as you know the date that you would like to rent it. This will help ensure that you get your vehicle of choice, as well as, your desired rental time and date. Please be sure to check out our rental policy for our procedures on cancellations.

What can I expect after I make a car rental Miami reservation?
After we receive your reservation made online, by phone, or by fax, we will contact you to verify your information and place a deposit equal to one day’s rental on your credit card to hold your reservation. Shortly thereafter, we will send you a reservation confirmation by email containing all of the details of your rental.

Can I rent at the last minute?
Yes; however, we prefer you set up the rental at least three days in advance so that we may verify your insurance and make sure your vehicle is available, clean and ready.

If I call on the weekend, will I be able to rent a vehicle in Miami from you on that day?
Yes, absolutely.

If I don’t qualify to rent a vehicle because of my age, can someone who is older than me rent the vehicle in Miami for me?
Unfortunately, no. You must be at least 25 years of age to rent a vehicle. In certain circumstances we will rent a vehicle to someone who is as young as 21 at an additional cost. Please call to see if your situation qualifies.

Can I pay for the damage deposit in cash?
Yes you may. When you make your reservation, please let us know that you would like to make your damage deposit in cash.

Do you accept debit cards?
Yes we do.

I do not have adequate insurance coverage, can I still qualify?
You may still qualify. If you don’t have adequate insurance coverage, Best Quality Miami Car Rental can sell you insurance to cover your rental. You should also know that few companies can legally sell insurance to their clients. So be careful, just because they sell it doesn’t mean they legally can, or that it covers you in the case of an accident. You should also be aware that most companies sell insurance substitutes (i.e. PDW) that do not offer full coverage, so if you have an accident you may be on the hook for a lot of money. Call us for more details on our insurance program.

I’ve had insurance through my insurance company for just a month, do I qualify?
Yes, you should qualify; however, you can give your insurance company a quick call to verify.

I have full coverage insurance but have a lot of tickets/accidents, do I still qualify?
It depends. Call us to find out.

What kind of condition are your vehicles in?
All of our vehicles are new models. We take pride in maintaining our vehicles in like-new condition so that we can give you the highest quality car rental possible.

Do you rent to clients who do not live in the United States?
Yes. Please refer to our Rental Policy for International Driver requirements or call us for more details.

How much do you charge to deliver/pick-up a vehicle to/from Miami airports?
Pick-up and drop-off with-in a 50 mile radius of our locations, are complimentary for most of our vehicles. In some instances there is a small fee; call or email us to find out more.

Can you smoke in our rental vehicles in Miami?
We do not permit smoking in any of our vehicles. We are serious about this, so if you smoke we will charge you a $500 to have the car thoroughly cleaned.

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